«DrumPower Against Violence» – Team

Dr. Andreas Wölfl Direction
Dr Andreas Wölfl
Graduated music therapist, teaching music therapist DMtG, supervisor (DGSv), child and adolescent psychotherapist. Since 1989 music therapist in child and adolescent psychiatry, supervision, coaching and music therapy in private practice, advanced education teacher, publications. Director of Degree Course in Music Therapy at Institute for Music Therapy at Freies Musikzentrum; Munich.

Trainers and Teachers
Nelli Cardenas, music therapist and trainer
Coretta Hirnschall, music therapist and trainer
Lorenz Hunziker-Rutigliano, pecussionist and trainer
Yoshi Kinoshita, music therapist and trainer
Stefan Maier, music therapist and trainer
Nastasja Neumann, music therapist and trainer
Henrike Roisch, music therapist and trainer
David Westphäling, music therapist and trainer
Julia Zerbe, music therapist and trainer


Peter Uffelmann (Competto consulting network)
Studied german philology, sports sciences and psychology for secondary schools; psychotherapist; studies in organizational consulting, coaching and supervision, trainership; consultant for school development. Pedagogical CEO of »Gemeinnützige Schul-GmbH der Stiftung Aktion Sonnenschein« in Munich. CEO ComPetto – health coaching and educational management. Consultant for »ISEB« (Internal School Development By External Consulting). Project direction »SCIB« (Coaching for School Directors In Bavaria) on behalf of Bavarian Ministry for Education and Kultus. Lectureships at various Universities and free educational providers.

Prof Dr Arthur Drexler (University Innsbruck)
Assistant professor at Institute for Psychosocial Intervention and Communications Research at University Innsbruck. Clinical psychologist, health psychologist, work psychologist (BÖP), supervisor (ÖVS). Core themes in teaching: psychological diagnostics, general psychology, developmental psychology, scientific and quantitative methods.
Core themes in research: adult education, advanced training research, impact analysis, competence development, evaluative methods and designs


Dr Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre
Grad. conductor, grad. music therapist, psychotherapist, research at University Children’s Hospital Munich, research in developmental neurology and at premature birth intensive care units; publications, lectureships and board member of various international professional associations of music therapists. Member of the board of Freies Musikzentrum.

Felix Büchner
Since 1982 CEO of various national and international IT, industrial and media companies, since 2005 CEO of Freies Musikzentrum. Project CEO »DrumPower«: development of organisational structures, project steering and supervision.