Patronage by Dieter Reiter,
Mayor of the State Capital Munich

Music in its social impact: The Freie Musikzentrum München has been working for this in an exemplary way since 1979. As a free academy with a broad impact, it helps thousands of people to find their own artistic expression every year.

Diversity and internationality of teaching give it attraction far beyond Munich. Music therapists have long been trained at its Institute of Music Therapy. Where music can have a healing effect in society, the institute also develops new concepts – such as DrumPower, a methodology for preventing violence in schools.

Since 2020, this programme has also been supported by the state capital Munich as part of the promotion of the Freie Musikzentrum München. Especially now – also with regard to the effects and consequences of the corona pandemic – cooperation between extracurricular and school institutions has the potential to create spaces that young people can support constructively and creatively.

The DrumPower project deals with aspects of constructive conflict resolution using musical methods, which strengthen creativity and personality and enable them to work together better. In this way, it contributes to a successful growing up of children and adolescents.

I was therefore very happy to take over the patronage of DrumPower and wish the project a full success. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those involved, foundations, donors who contribute to this.

Dieter Reiter
Mayor of the State Capital Munich