«DrumPower Against Violence» – Outlook

In the future, we will be able to continuously offer projects at Munich elementary - secondary - and special needs schools, without a heavy financial burden on the schools. Our goal is to give as many students as possible the opportunity to get to know the DrumPower method and to emerge stronger from it. In addition, we hope to expand the culture and atmosphere of better coexistence in the long term through the music therapy offer in schools.

Furthermore, the networking of the various Munich cultural institutes such as the Cultural Department and Community Music is very important to us, which we are constantly expanding.
Through regular scientific evaluation and research as well as networking with other drum power trainers, we can guarantee a continuous further development of the method, both in German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) and internationally (Australia, Norway and Great Britain).

DrumPower Against Violence

We offer the method «DrumPower» in our further education programme for music therapists and educators. By training engaged therapists and teachers, we are able to promote the method's dissemination – successes in schools in Erlangen, Hamburg, Vienna and Bern attest to this. We are very pleased that on the basis of our developing this concept, more and more children are benefiting from «DrumPower».

In the long term we will develop «DrumPower» further. To do this, funding is likewise necessary, which makes possible the implementation of several projects, attracting full-time trainers as well as continued scientific monitoring and project leadership. This requires the long term support of sponsors, whether as individuals or as a group, who wish to become involved in a common interest.

As recent years have shown, these are visionary ideas. However, the positive results obtained during these years give us hope of finding people who will help us to make this vision a reality.