Quality features of the «DrumPower» Method

DrumPower is a musictherapeutic method to prevent violence and to promote social integration and personal development.
The method uses the music therapy elements drum improvisation, perception of sounds, vocal expression and music therapy role play to promote in both intuitively and consciously a confident, constructive handling of emotions and social interaction and to avoid destructiveness and violence in return. The basic concept can be extended and expanded in individual projects with other musical and artistic elements.

The method is based on a extensively elaborated and scientifically verified project model by Andreas Wölfl (2014) with specific quality features:

Quality features

  1. The methodological approach is semi-structured and focused on the process
    of the group and the individual participants.
  2. The approach is adapted to the respective abilities of the group.
  3. The approach is developmentally justified. It records personal and social resources as well as individual, interactive and systemic causes of developmental problems.
  4. The method is carried out by specifically trained therapeutic coaches.
  5. The process will be systematically reflected and evaluated in supervision sessions.

Characteristic methodological elements

  1. Application of drum improvisation, perception of sounds, vocal work and
    music therapy role play to promote social attunement, group cohesion and
    individuation in the group context.
  2. Exercises to regulate emotions and dynamics (individually and socially) / stop-games. (Pre-) exercises on interpersonal skills and constructive conflict resolution.
  3. Working out of topics of personal empowerment, social integration and the
    prevention of violence in accordance with the possibilities and needs of the group.
  4. Implementation of a (Workshop) Performance at the end of the project.
  5. Design options and variation possibilities according to the group, the project progress and the relevant context on the basis of semi-structured approach.

Characteristic reflexive elements

  1. Assessment of individual skills and group processes on the background
    knowledge of developmental psychology.
  2. Procedural assessment (diagnosis) of individual skills and uncertainties,
    including the early detection of psychosocial development restrictions / shortages
    and post traumatic stress disorders.
  3. Subsequently coordinated preventive-therapeutic management
    and promotion of the project progresses.
  4. Reflexive discussions with the teachers / staff on these aspects like
    group dynamics and sustainable utilisation of the project results as well as
    early indications of additionally required individual support.
  5. Systematic Supervision of interlocking processes and methodically
    coordinated intervention.

These quality features distinguish the DrumPower method essential from other musical projects and justify the specific focus on personal empowerment, social integration and violence prevention. The quality features ensure the professional and founded implementation of the DrumPower projects and increase the likelihood of positive psychosocial effects significantly.